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Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition with OpenCV


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has organized a seminar on “Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition with OpenCV” on 29 August, 2022 Monday at 12:45 PM at Computer Laboratory. The seminar was conducted by Miftahur Rahman, Ph.D. IRays Teknology Ltd. Dhaka. Honorable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mohammed Muniruzzaman, Dean, School of Engineering, Professor Abul Lais Haque Ph.D., University Registrar Md. Ruhul Amin, the faculty members, administrative staff, and a good number of students were present in the seminar. During his lecture Dr. Rahman explained to the audiences that Hand gesture recognition is a human-computer interactive system that has many applications in virtual environment control and sign language translation, robot control, and music creation. He also demonstrated the real-time Hand Gesture Recognizer which was built on MediaPipe in OpenCV, a real-time computer vision and image-processing framework. This framework was built on C/C++ MediaPipe comes with some pre-trained ML solutions for face detection, pose estimation, hand recognition, and object detection. Finally, he made a practical demonstration where a person showed various gestures of his ten fingers and the system recognized almost all the gestures.

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Department of ECE


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Event Information

Category Seminar
Start Date Aug 29, 2022
End Date Aug 29, 2022
Start Time 12:45pm
End Time 02:45pm