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Career Chat with Don Sumdany at Presidency University


Career Chat with Don Sumdany at Presidency University  22nd  November 2022 Mr. Ghulam Sumdany Don came to Presidency University (PU) and spoke in a session titled “Career Chat with Don Sumdany”. This program was organized by PU Office of the student affairs in association with the PU Job Seekers Club. During the session he emphasized on different soft skills, career path selection and three key points for career development of the students. Mr. Sumdany shared his personal experience with the Presidency University students and told them to focus on CGPA, Extra Curricular Activities and different Skillset. He also motivated the student to do part time jobs and gave some tips and tricks for CV writing. In that program University Adviser, Registrar, Heads of different departments, teachers and students were present. Maj Gen Kazi Ashfaq Ahmed, University Adviser presented a memento to Mr. Ghulam Sumdany Don for his enlightening speech to the students.

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Event Information

Category Career Chat
Start Date Nov 22, 2022
End Date Nov 22, 2022
Start Time 04:30pm
End Time 06:00pm