Presidency University

Rayhan Chowdhury

Rayhan, class of 2007, obtained his degree in Civil Engineering from Presidency University and is currently employed as Senior Lead Engineer at GRAMEENPHONE. He is also the founder of Raynux—A web application and e-commerce developing company.

“When I started looking for a graduate program that would put me in the direction I wanted to take my career, my search led to Presidency University’s Department of Civil Engineering. Not only was it such a prestigious University, but they also offered a wide range of degrees and courses for someone with a science background.”

From his coursework, one of the things he valued the most was the hands-on approach to the curriculum and the value Presidency University placed on experience in the field.

“The degree wasn’t focused on sitting in class and studying the entire time, I was able to graduate on time and gain real world experience simultaneously. And that prepped me for a job as soon as I graduated, which was tough in that job market.”

From his time at Presidency University, one of the things he remembers most vividly is the Professors he met.

“They are such a talented set and always had the doors to their offices open to whatever came up,” Rayhan said. “The nonacademic staff was terrific too and if it weren’t for them, life outside of schoolwork probably wouldn’t have been the same.”

“If you are partly decided on a degree, check out what kind of courses you will be required to take,” he suggests. “Next, contact those Professors and analyze if that course, that degree is right for you. Inquire from each of them, where in the real world would those skill sets be useful. This will give you a good idea of where to apply when you graduate.”