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Why Presidency University?

Because we provide quality education at an affordable cost. We have qualified faculty base, state of the art lab facilities, student friendly campus environment for study and strict academic rules and guidelines for each and every student.

Tuition Fee for Economics Graduate Program

 Scholarship and Financial Aid Scheme and Cost for  MSS in Economics

A. Financial Information

Fee Structure

ParticularsAmount (Tk.)
Admission Fee
Processing Fee (One Time) 300
Verification Fee(Bangla Medium Students)(One Time) 500
Verification Fee(English Medium Students)(One Time) 1,500
Tuition Fee(MS in Economics)
(@Tk. 2,500 per *24 credits)
Advising Fee (@ TK. 3500 per semester
*6 Semester)
Internship/Thesis Fee (One Time)
Development Fee(Tk.1500*3 Semester) 4,500
Contingency Fee (Tk. 300*3 Semester)
Total Fee(Tk.)

B.  Scholarship and Financial Aid Scheme

Tuition Fee Waiver Plan  for the Regular Students for the program of MSS in Economis

ParticularsThree 1st Class/SSC 3.5 & HSC 3.5& Undergrade-3Two 1st Class/SSC 3.25 & HSC 3.25& Undergrade-2.75One 1st Class/SSC 3.0 & HSC 3.0& Undergrade-2.50Three  2nd Class/SSC 2.5 & HSC 2.5& Undergrade-2.00
Tuition Fee Waiver




Tuition Fee per Credit 1,000 1,250 1,500 2,000
Total Cost for MSS in Economics 63,200 69,200 75,200 87,200

Condition for Freedom Fighter Quota:


*Students having 100% Waiver in Freedom Fighter quota must maintain CGPA 3.00  ,otherwise waiver will be Zero (0)
after 1st Semester .Waiver will be reinstated if a student achieves  CGPA 3.00

The following conditions will, however, apply:

1. Application of course waiver / credit transfer must be submitted to respective departments before registration for classes in the 1st semester.

Special Offer (Any One) :

10% for PU Students

5% additional tuition waiver for female students
5% for Siblings/Tribal/Spouse Student
5% for Employee reference or 10% corporate group (minimum 5 Persons)
Upto 50% Waiver of admission fee (If Admission Fair  Arranged)
Foreign student processing fee Cost- 2000/-Tk.minimum or actual cost in equivalent Bangladeshi Taka.

Financial Aid:


a.For students who have completed minimum 9(nine) credits at Presidency University

At the beginning of each semester the university considers, on application in prescribed forms, granting of financial aid to deserving students primarily on need-based consideration but requiring a minimum CGPA of 3.00. The actual amount often depends on the number of applicants and availability of funds.
#   The Scholarship and Financial aid Scheme change every semester depending on the social needs and responsibilities.
#   Application of course waiver / credit transfer must be submitted to respective departments before registration for classes in the 1st semester.


Contact Person:

Admission Information :

 Gulshan Campus-9857617-8,8831182/Ext-102/107.Mobile-01768-37182001768-371820 ,01741-378506


Banani Campus- 9899049,9899037.Ext-102/122,Mobile-01741378570